Don Winslow’s THE BORDER

The Border has everything that made the first two books so great and then some. The last pages of The Border are as exciting and as mind blowing as the first pages of The Power of the Dog were. Epic no longers seems to give this trilogy the justice it deserves. This is a masterpiece and a classic and is the benchmark every other thriller will be measured against from now on. … More Don Winslow’s THE BORDER

Don Winslow’s THE CARTEL

Ten years ago Don Winslow wrote the thriller of the decade. The Power of the Dog was an epic thriller that detailed America’s thirty year war on drugs on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. Ten years later he has done it again. Winslow blows The Power of the Dog away detailing the next ten years of the so-called “war” on drugs taking everything that was groundbreaking, epic and mind-blowing to a whole new level. … More Don Winslow’s THE CARTEL