Laura Lippman’s THE LADY IN THE LAKE

It is 1965 and Maddie Schwarz has come to the realization that she no longer wants to be married. Her marriage has not been terrible but after a dinner party with an old school friend she becomes aware that she is no longer in love with her husband. So Maddie moves out of their family home, rents an apartment downtown and begins a new life for herself. After being involved in the search for a missing girl Maddie decides she wants to be a journalist. She gets a job assisting the Mr Helpline column but Maddie wants to write and she has an eye for a story. When the body of a missing African-American woman is found the story gets little coverage. Maddie, sensing an opportunity starts digging into the story to try and find out what happened to The Lady in the Lake. But Maddie’s digging is going to stir open a lot of trouble. … More Laura Lippman’s THE LADY IN THE LAKE

Diane Setterfield’s ONCE UPON A RIVER

This is one of those rare books that has a little bit of everything; intrigue, mystery, a love story and the hint of something magical. It is an absolute joy to read and get lost in. As you get closer to the end of the book you are dying to find out what happens but at the same time you don’t want the book to finish. This is a book to treasure and book to share. … More Diane Setterfield’s ONCE UPON A RIVER


This incredible novel is a genre I am a big fan of but have never come across in an Australian setting before (and you have to wonder why). This is a western set in outback Queensland in 1885. It combines the historical fiction of Kate Grenville’s The Secret River with the visceral brutality of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and is a book that won’t let you go. … More Paul Howarth’s ONLY KILLERS AND THIEVES


There are truly great books that come out every year. Some years a great book breaks your heart. Another year a great book is so profound you can’t stop thinking about. And another year a great book is so much fun you can’t stop reading it and talking about. And once every so often a truly great book does all of those things and becomes your new benchmark for what a great book really is. Boy Swallows Universe is one of those books. … More Trent Dalton’s BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE

Derek B. Miller’s AMERICAN BY DAY

Norwegian By Night was an absolutely amazing book. Derek B. Miller has written a stand alone sequel just as good if not better. Norwegian Chief Inspector Sigrid Ødegård’s brother has gone missing in America. A woman has died and local police are pointing the finger at her brother. A stranger in a strange land Sigrid must navigate the local (and national) politics to find her brother before it is too late. Set against the backdrop of Barack Obama’s election in 2008 this is at once a thrilling mystery whilst also being one of the most insightful novels about America in recent memory. Derek B. Miller is a writer like no other. Jon
More Derek B. Miller’s AMERICAN BY DAY

Neal Shusterman’s SCYTHE

Imagine a time when all the world’s problems have been solved. There is no disease, no politics, no war, no crime, no environmental problems, no famine and no death. Presided over by the all-knowing Thunderhead (a kind of grown up Cloud), the collective knowledge of the world’s population has resulted in the perfect existence – one that never ends. Except, of course, if no one ever dies how do you keep population growth under control? Enter the Scythe, an elite group of hand-picked and well trained killers. The Scythe live outside the control of the Thunderhead and have the power to choose who will die and how. … More Neal Shusterman’s SCYTHE