Neal Shusterman’s SCYTHE

Imagine a time when all the world’s problems have been solved. There is no disease, no politics, no war, no crime, no environmental problems, no famine and no death. Presided over by the all-knowing Thunderhead (a kind of grown up Cloud), the collective knowledge of the world’s population has resulted in the perfect existence – one that never ends. Except, of course, if no one ever dies how do you keep population growth under control? Enter the Scythe, an elite group of hand-picked and well trained killers. The Scythe live outside the control of the Thunderhead and have the power to choose who will die and how. … More Neal Shusterman’s SCYTHE

Andy Weir’s ARTEMIS

The Martian was one of the funnest and funniest reading experiences I have ever had. So there was a little trepidation when I picked up his next novel. It had been pitched as a crime novel set on the moon which left me not really knowing what to expect. Would this book be as funny? Would their be the same level of scientific explanation? Would I be completely hooked again? The answer is yes, yes and YES. … More Andy Weir’s ARTEMIS


Set in the planned community of Shaker Heights Celeste Ng’s novel hooks you from it’s opening pages as The Richardson’s family home goes up in flames. Everyone suspects that the youngest Richardson, the black sheep of the family, has set the fire but as we retrace the last 12 months in and around the Richardson family home we learn it was only a matter of time before a spark caused a blaze. … More Celeste Ng’s LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE