Molly’s Picks for April

Our 10 year old daughter, Molly, is an avid reader and is relishing the opportunity to read some advance copies this year. Each month on our blog we will feature her picks for the month.

9780141356600 (1)Knights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden

Denizen has lived in the orphanage for as long as he could remember until now when he find out that his Aunt was going to take care of him but wait Denzien doesn’t have a aunt! Soon he finds out secret shadow creatures are trying to get into our world! His only chance was to join the Knights of the Borrowed dark. Join Denzien and his friends on a mission to save the world!

9781406363135Raymie Nightingale by Kate De Camillio

Raymies father ran away with a dental hygienist but she has a plan to get him back! She must learn to twirl a baton and do good deeds to enter the Little Miss Central Florida competition so she can get her picture In the paper and her father (might) will come home! But Raymie makes unlikely friends, Louisiana and Beverly. Together they can solve their everyday problems. Join the three Rancheros on a wonderful friendship tale! I loved this book and I could not put it down! This is a must read book by the beloved Kate De Camillio!

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