9780575097667I cannot get enough of this series! It is such a wicked combination of history, police procedural and of course magic. This time we explore London’s underground where not only are secrets buried but something DC Peter Grant can’t even imagine.

Someone being murdered in London’s underground isn’t unusual but there is something off about the crime scene. When the murder weapon turns out to be a shard of pottery reeking of magic Peter is quickly assigned to the murder squad for the case. When the murder victim turns out to be the son of a US Senator and the FBI starts nosing around the case Peter must find his answers quickly without his real role in the investigation being found out. Peter’s enquiries lead him through the markets of London, the streets of Notting Hill and eventually into the sewers and endless tunnels below London.

The magic element to this series is what comes to the fore but they are also brilliant police procedurals. At the same time as guiding you through his magical education and the history and folklore of London Peter also guides us through being a policeman. Everything from dealing with drunks on a Saturday night through to the finer points of suspect interrogation. And as always done with a typically British, self-deprecating sense of humour.

This series is building nicely and with each new case Peter encounters more unanswered questions begin to build including who is the faceless man? I can’t wait to read the next two books!

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ISBN: 9780575097667
ISBN-10: 0575097663
Classification: Fantasy
Format: Paperback (195mm x 128mm x 27mm)
Pages: 432
Imprint: Gollancz
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publish Date: 4-Oct-2012
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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