My Year in Reading – 2014

Firstly if you want to know what my favourite reads of the year were they are all listed here…

The last couple of years I have looked back at my year of reading and specifically looked at the gender balance. This year I decided to track my reading not just on gender but also format, genre and nationality. I did so using a spreadsheet which means *drumroll* charts!

image (2)

I read 75 books in 2014, 5 more than last year. In 2013 25% of my reading was by female authors, this dropped to 22%. Goodreads released an interesting infographic based on their data about the gender balance among female and male readers.

image (1)In previous years I did not measure what format I read in. Audio books appear in the lead but 56% of my reading was non-audio. My audio listening is high because I have a lot of time to listen to books. I listen to an audio book every morning when I walk the dog and on my drive to and from work, which depending on traffic gives me between 2 and 4 hours of audio books on work days.  Although Serial ate considerably into my audio book time.

image (3)There were no real surprise here. My Science Fiction reading has gone up considerably in recent years but Crime fiction is still my most favoured genre. My non fiction reading was particularly low this year. Poetry only made the grade because of Kevin Powers.

image (6)This one is glaringly obvious. My local reading is very poor and I have a huge bias to American fiction. I also don’t read enough international fiction either. I’m loathed to do a reading challenge but will try to make a conscious effort to read a bit more widely and push out of my comfort zones as well in 2015.

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