Anyone who has ever read Neil Gaiman’s knows what a remarkable storyteller he is. All of Neil Gaiman’s books sit between worlds, the world we know and another world of infinite possibilities and imaginings. Gaiman loves to explore the boundaries of these worlds. Whether it is our “real” world encroaching into the “other” world or the “other” world bleeding into ours.

Whether he is writing for children or grown ups (and quite frankly if it wasn’t for the classification made by his publishers I couldn’t tell the difference) Gaiman always creates worlds you want to believe in. There is an agelessness about Gaiman’s stories or maybe it is more of an all-agedness. I always feel like a kid again reading a Neil Gaiman book. That sense of wonder and amazement in a world, characters and story that slowly unfolds before your eyes. I can only imagine what reading him as a kid would be like. I reckon it would be even more amazing.

His new book is a story of childhood reminiscences where remembering and forgetting are equally important and believing isn’t something you have to think about. Gaiman traverse the borders of our lands, old and new and enchants us with a farmhouse and its occupants, The Hempstocks, who are gatekeepers (of sorts) between our world and another. A bit of mischief in one world leads to something more sinister in the other and puts a young boy in great danger and peril.

This is a perfect showcase of Gaiman’s skill and talent. A great introduction for new readers, a great stepping stone into his “grown-up” books for his younger fans and another little piece of magic for those who already know.

ISBN: 9781472200327
ISBN-10: 1472200322
Classification: Fantasy
Format: Paperback (25mm x 135mm x 216mm)
Pages: 256
Imprint: Headline Review
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publish Date: 18-Jun-2013
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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