Suzanne Collins’ MOCKINGJAY

So I literally swallowed this trilogy in one go. I couldn’t stop. I certainly know why everyone was so nuts for these books and can’t wait to see how they do the next two films, although I don’t know how they will split Mockingjay into two films.

I enjoyed Mockingjay more than Catching Fire although The Hunger Games is the strongest of the three books. The third book is primarily about war and the media perception and distortion of war. We are with the Rebels in book three but Collins cleverly presents them as only subtly different from The Capitol. The action and the violence is probably the most intense of the three books and I love how the consequences of what the characters have gone through has to be confronted. Despite being set in a dystopian future this trilogy is definitely of our times. War, power, media and reality is all put under the spotlight and questioned.

I loved how the trilogy ended. Collins pulls no punches the whole trilogy and is true to the characters she has created through to the end. I should have read this trilogy much earlier and I don’t think I’ll hesitate about reading YA again and definitely have some more reading to follow up on that I have ignored.

ISBN: 9781407132105
ISBN-10: 1407132105
Classification: Science fiction (Children’s / Teenage) , Adventure stories (Children’s / Teenage)
Format: Paperback (199mm x 129mm x 30mm)
Pages: 464
Imprint: Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic
Publish Date: 1-Dec-2011
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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