After finishing this amazing debut novel I felt as if someone had ripped my heart out, stomped on it and put it back in. It is a very emotional novel. It is very dark and reminded me in a lot of ways of PAST THE SHALLOWS by Favel Parrett.
Like Parrett’s accomplished debut this novel is the story of two brothers, Tom and Jordy. They are not that far apart in age but Tom is still an innocent while Jordy has crossed that line. They do not know their father and their mother, Loretta, has been a no show most of their lives. They have lived mostly with their grandparents but the novel opens with Loretta picking them up from school and taking off.
They have nothing. No food, no clothes, no water and little money. Loretta is heading west, across the Nullabor, and they don’t stop until they hit the coast at an old caravan park. It is quickly apparent that Loretta is not cut out for motherhood yet something has driven her back into the boy’s lives. When the fact she is not ready or able to be a mother becomes apparent to Loretta she takes off again, leaving the boys alone and in more danger than she could possibly realize.
Romy Ash’s talent as writer is obvious from the novel’s opening pages. Her debut novel is perfectly precise and devastatingly amazing. The plight of Tom and Jordy will break your heart but you will stick by them until the end.

9 thoughts on “Romy Ash’s FLOUNDERING

  1. I haven’t come across this title yet, sounds great

    Thanks for sharing your AWW review

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out


  2. Sounds fascinating but real! familiar. I am waiting til the end of March with baited breath and hoping to get hold of it quickly.


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