George R. R. Martin’s A CLASH OF KINGS

I’m not going to write a full review of this book because it is book two in the series and you HAVE to read book one first so if you haven’t read any books in the Song of Ice & Fire series then please see my review of A GAME OF THRONES. I am pretty much totally addicted to this series now and will be taking measures to not read the next book in the series too soon because it is distracting me from my other reading. It is going to be interesting to see how HBO handles Season Two of GAME OF THRONES because on reflection the majority of A CLASH OF KINGS is building up to a climatic final third. Not to say the book was slow, it is still just as enthralling as the first book and the payoff is epic but I can see some TV viewers possibly getting frustrated, but really who cares about them. I’m not going to write anymore because it will give things away but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into A STORM OF SWORDS but I must make myself wait!

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