Miriam Gershow’s THE LOCAL NEWS

I can’t rave enough about this book!  Lydia’s older brother has gone missing. She feels guilty that sometimes she is glad he is gone. The local coverage of her brother’s disappearance transforms her from a bookish outcast at school to one of the “in” crowd. When her family hire a private investigator Lydia believes she can discover the key the bringing her brother home. This book reminded me so much of The Virgin Suicides and a lot of reviewers have also compared it to The Lovely Bones. Miriam Gershow really manages to encapsulate the whole awful process of what happens when a sibling goes missing without having the story depress you.

We loved this book so much we originally specially imported it from overseas as it was not available in Australia. Either because of obsessive tweeting and facebook posts by myself or because we sold over 150 copies, THE LOCAL NEWS caught the eye of Penguin Australia who are now releasing the book in Australia in September. The author, Miriam Gershow, was so excited she sent me flowers!

THE LOCAL NEWS is a fantastically original story and I cannot wait to see what Miriam comes up with next!

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